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Rivers are among the most endangered habitats in the world. But their importance goes far beyond the framework of biodiversity conservation. The rivers are the veins of the Earth, and as long as the rivers are sick, the quality of people's lives suffers. This is not only true for riparians. In Romania's natural heritage, after decades of destruction (through Hydropower plants and regularizations), few valuable rivers remained. They should be exploited through tourism, not sacrificed for obscure interests. It is inconceivable to lose these last, still wild & free rivers, but the pressure of the river destroyers (Hidroelectrica and Romanian Waters National Administration) is overwhelming. They have enormous amount amount of money and a number of docile institutions, including the Government of Romania. Basically, it's like fighting naked hands with an army armed to the teeth.  

We have a strong ally though, the law. Community legislation is entirely on our side. But to enforce the law we need funds to pay lawyers. So, please, if you care about the rivers, contribute to the protection of the Carpathian rivers, so that future generations live in a healthy environment and can also enjoy nature. 

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We will be back with a detailed report on spending the funds received. 


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